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Phone Interpreting

Connecting multilingual customers with service providers to professional interpreters in over 180+ languages within 60 seconds.

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Video Interpreting

Connecting service providers from a wide range of market sectors to professional interpreters in over 25+ languages within 60 seconds. Guaranteed.

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Multilingual IVRs

An immersive in-language experience for customers which removes the need for agent intervention using hosted self-service IVRs in 180+ languages.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

Speak to one or speak to many with our online simultaneous interpreting helping people speak with their audience in over 50 languages at the same time.

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Ezispeak is fastest growing provider of real time language services across video, voice and digital technologies in ASPAC. Our solutions include real time phone and video interpreters, artificial intelligence powered translations, web localisation platforms and real time chat technologies.

Industries we serve include Energy, Utilities, Insurances, Telecommunications, Health, Business Process Outsourcers, Retail and Government.

Process and service optimisation is what we do. Language Service Transformation is what we’re known for – Any language. Any where. Any time©

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A World-Class Translating and Interpreting Services

The contact centre is one of the most important areas of any business. There is a greater movement of people between countries with advances in technology creating opportunities and opening up possibilities throughout the world for countless thousands every year.

Language translation services are a crucial component of any call centre today because the reality is that every day your agents will likely be faced with challenging calls from those who have differing grasps of the English language, and who could benefit from being able to speak with someone in their native tongue.

At Ezispeak, we recognised the change that was coming and already taking root back in 2011 and since then we have established ourselves as the leaders in the field, where on-demand language translation and interpretation services are concerned. We are the preeminent translation company providing translation services in Australia and while many may claim to achieve what we can, the truth is that they simply cannot deliver the kind of expertise and efficiencies that we can.

Language Translation Services in Australia

There are many reasons why we are the provider of choice for Melbourne translation services. First and foremost, at Ezispeak, you will find real-time interpreters that are available across any platform or channel. Our quality assured services cater to 180 languages and counting and each of our interpreters is NAATI certified. Our clients love the fact that when a call is placed and a translator required, with our service working for them they know that there is a guaranteed connect time of under 60 seconds.

The main reason that you want the best translation services is likely because you need to improve your customer experience. This is one area where we are confident that you will absolutely see positive results, simply because your ability to put your customers in touch with someone who can engage, understand and interact with them as and when required will create a much more rewarding, seamless experience that they will feel compelled to connect with again.

Old internal workflow processes had their time and while they did the job that was required a couple of decades ago, they are badly out-dated in today’s economy. As such, embracing the new ensures that you will see a reduction of waste on these old systems, near complete elimination of time wasted waiting for translation services and a customer base that perceive that your company has catered to their needs.

Interpreter Services Based in Melbourne, Australia

Here at Ezispeak, we appreciate that having an in-depth knowledge of language and cultural norms adds huge value to any company. What’s more, having professional corporate translation services means that you can feel confident that customers will be understood correctly and the message conveyed in return is done so properly.

We are the market leaders in Australia because we understand what is required of modern business, regardless of whether they are a small to medium-sized operation or a global multi-national. Those that need live translation services that will enhance their brand and promote a greater customer experience are invited to get in touch with the team here at Ezispeak today to discuss how we could transform your ability to communicate with the world.

The Best Translation Services Australia-Wide

When people need to communicate in more than one language, translation is necessary to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings. In Australia, your expert translation and interpreting service is EziSpeak. Our translation services in Melbourne are widely considered to be the best translation services, not only in our home city, but among all translation services in Australia.

Australian Interpreter Services in Over 160 Languages

We have skilled translators for every language, and we can supply translators for all types of communication. Good translation is not simply a matter of converting one language into another. A translator should have enough lingual and cultural awareness to be able to preserve the original meaning of the words after they are translated.

Why it's Important to use Live Translation Services in Australia

Australia is a multicultural country with a large population of immigrants from all over the world, and it's also a significant trading participant in the South East Asian economic area.

With so many languages and cultures, it should be easy for us all to learn from each other, but experience has shown that most people have a tendency to remain within their own ethnic boundaries, and there is less intermingling between people of different cultures than would be expected in such a multicultural environment with a relatively small population.

Because the opportunity for confusion and misunderstandings is high, and because that can often lead to problems, translation and interpreting services are always important in Australia.

The key thing is to ensure you choose a quality translation service, such as EziSpeak, to be certain that you are getting accuracy in every aspect of your translations. The less fidelity there is between what you say and what the other person hears, the greater the chance of problems arising will be. Quality translation helps to eliminate potential problems.

The Best Translation Services in Melbourne

The things that really stand out about EziSpeak as a business interpreter is that we have more translators for more languages, and we are really serious about ensuring our translators are professionally qualified and experts in translation.

Some translation service providers simply hire people based on the fact that they can speak two or more different languages fluently. That's not enough for us. We know there is much more to translation than just being able to convert words.

We employ translators who have the ability to think quickly and make important decisions. The goal in every translation is to preserve the fidelity of the meaning of what was said, and to translate it in a way that this meaning will be understood by the person listening.

Characteristics of a Premier Translation Service Provider

Top translation services have certain characteristics that you, as a client, should be aware of. The success of your translation depends on the quality of your translator, so at least knowing that you have chosen a truly professional service will give you greater peace of mind. Here are the things you should look for:

When your translator meets at least the above criteria, it is your assurance that you have chosen your translator well. It means there's much greater chance that whatever goal you are trying to achieve will be successful.

For Industry-Leading Multilingual Interpreting Services, Contact EziSpeak

We're always going to be your best choice for all kinds of on demand human translation services. For speeches, television broadcasts, Internet streaming, teleconferencing, and all other situations requiring expert translation, please get in touch with us today.

If You Don't Live in a Major City, We Offer Remote Interpreting Services in Australia

We live in an increasingly demanding economy. Customers are quickly becoming used to on-demand living in almost all aspects of their lives and so they place value on service providers and companies who can deal with things in a manner that suits them, as and when they make contact.

Interpreter services are something that most businesses take into consideration once they recognise that their target market has diversified quite a bit and there is an absolute need to engage in a new way that includes rather than excludes. Nobody wants to miss out on making a good impression or making a sale and so it is imperative to secure the services of the best in the business.

Here at Ezispeak, we are the company whose service performance is unmatched in the Australian market. Since 2011, we have worked tirelessly to create a business model that is at once revolutionary and sustainably innovative.

We understand that the world has shifted toward technology in a major way and that there is no sign of things slowing down in this regard. As such, we cater our ever-changing platform to meet the ever-evolving needs of those who require interpreter services in Australia.

How We Deliver Up To 40% Reductions in Language Translation Service Costs

At Ezispeak, we believe that the time for legacy systems and slow response processes is over. Customers do not want to have to wait on the line for long periods of time until they are connected to an interpreter with whom that can engage in a constructive way and do what they called to do, quickly and efficiently.

To ensure a high standard of quality, all of the interpreters that we employ are NAATI certified for both telephone and video translation services. Once a new client retains our services, we carry out training sessions to ensure that our interpreters have the necessary insights that they require into the call flow and persona of their business. This delivers a seamless transition for our clients who stand to benefit from exceptional Melbourne interpreter services that fit with their business brand identity.

One of the biggest savings that our clients benefit from is the elimination of scheduling interpreters. Language service costs don’t come cheap, however, through our innovative model, businesses can expect reductions of up to 40% in terms of their spending in this regard.

While investing in multilingual interpreting services is important, there are inevitably some companies that will worry about the period of transition. Rest assured that you are in the best hands in the business. Our clients get access to real-time data, which allows for invaluable insights into just how much more efficient your systems have become. We provide connection times, call durations, numbers of calls serviced and many more key indicators of performance.

Our remote interpreting services afford our clients a connection times of 30 seconds, with 180 languages serviced, 99.9% service availability and 99.1% requests met on demand.

Interpreter Services Melbourne - Offering Language Translation Australia-Wide

At Ezispeak, we afford businesses the chance to take control of their language services strategy. Our long list of clients has given incredibly positive feedback to date, one utility company noting that they have reported a far better financial spend than previous years and a vastly improved understanding of performance and quality.

So, for the best cultural interpreter services in Australia, look no further than right here at Ezispeak. We look forward to your call and to connecting you to a world of new customers.

EziSpeak is the best service to contact when you need interpreter services in Australia. Our skilled interpreters are experts in extracting the meaning behind the words and presenting it in a meaningful way to the listener.

Our standard interpreting and translating services are good for direct translation between any two languages. This is suitable for live one way or two-way communication, and also for scripted content (speeches, video broadcasts, radio broadcasts, advertisements, announcements, etc).

When you choose interpreters from EziSpeak, you are getting the best and brightest translators. This is very important, because quality is an essential component in translating.

If mistakes are made, the consequences can be serious and sometimes costly. You do not need to have such problems. They can be avoided simply by choosing EziSpeak interpreters to provide your translations.

Multi-Cultural Interpreter Services For Every Situation

When the number of languages needing to be translated is more than two, things can get much more complicated. Your experience will still be worry-free when you choose multilingual interpreting services from EziSpeak.

We are one of the few truly multilingual interpreter services in Australia, and we provide the highest standards of excellence in translating. Avoid confusion, doubt, and problems with EziSpeak.

Get the Best Results from a Human-to-Human Translation Service

Translating and interpreting services are more art than science. Language is complex and phrases can contain many inner meanings that will be lost on most non-native speakers even when they have achieved a high degree of fluency in a second language.

Skilled translators help bridge the gaps in understanding that can exist between people from different lingual and cultural backgrounds. It requires considerable sensitivity and a certain amount of cultural knowledge to achieve the best outcome for clients.

Clients, too, can play a part in helping to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Prior preparation is a key step in achieving the results you want. Certainly you can leave it all up to your interpreter, but this places more heavy responsibility on them. It means they have to think quicker, think harder, and in turn the translation choices may not be as ideal as they could have been.

You'll still get a flawless translation either way, but if you want the translation to always hit the right notes in the right places, good preparation is going to assist that in happening.

When you're actually speaking, clarity of your words and clarity of their meaning is very helpful. The less ambiguity there is in your speech, and the simpler you make your speech, the easier it is to translate the message in the best way for it to be understood. Even more importantly, when your message is translated in the right way, it can resonate properly in the minds of listeners, and lead toward the results that you are seeking.

For the Best Interpreter Services Australia Has To Offer, Contact EziSpeak

We're always going to be your best choice for all kinds of on demand translation services. For speeches, television broadcasts, Internet streaming, teleconferencing, and all other situations requiring expert translation, we will give you the best service and the best value.

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