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ezispeak was commissioned to assist in redesigning care for patients from non-English speaking backgrounds and deliver language at the point of need across telephone and video interventions ensuring patient safety was not compromised.


- Lack of equity and access for non-English speakers is a significant risk for health

- Financial waste in the current onsite service model

- Administrative burden of internal booking processes

- No availability at short notice


- Patients had access to interpreters to receive safe, timely, high quality and patient centred care

- Delivering a remote based language solutions model provided greater economies of scale

- No scheduling of interpreters required due to effective workforce management practices employed

- Achieved the ability to match linguistic need with clinical requirement at point of care

The Challenge

There has been significant growth in population diversity in the last 10 years. Results of the 2016 Census show that 21% of the population speak a language other than English. This growth in diversity coupled with an aging population places a large financial burden on the health sector. With access issues and growing cost in-efficiencies in the current onsite (face to face) service model, the market needs to identify new and alternate ways of meeting the linguistic needs of non-English speaking patients.

Alfred Health

From The Users


"It was fantastic, it is such a game-changer in ED and it was so helpful - thank you"


"I felt heard and understood today. This is good way for patients like me to get help when we cannot communicate."

The Outcome

This hospital service achieved the ability to match linguistic need with the clinical requirement at the point of care, using either on-demand phone, on-demand video or face-to-face interpreters. Patients, carers and medical practitioners have all been able to communicate more effectively. The success of our ezispeak's work at The Alfred meant clinical staff, carers and patients see video and telephone interpreting as an efficient and effective alternative in the event that onsite interpreters are not available.

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For an in-depth insight into how ezispeak uses targeted solutions for a number of businesses, download our case study today. We provide a look into the challenges faced by a number of companies when it comes to language barriers and our solutions that have provided businesses with clarity, results and satisfied customers.

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