Case Study

Alfred Health


Alfred Health needed a multilingual version of their navigation app to help their patients move around multiple campuses easily. ezispeak partnered with Alfred Health to deliver this patient experience improvement initiative.


- Patients had difficulty navigating Alfred Health campuses due to sheer size of multiple campuses

- The introduction of a PowerNav app was implemented to help patients move around the hospital campuses more easily

- The PowerNav app was difficult to use by migrant patients due to language barriers


- Together, ezispeak and Alfred Health localized their PowerNav app that made the Alfred Health campus more accessible and less daunting for migrant patients.

- We ensured all nominated languages had clear, simple and concise instructions.

- We created a journey for migrant patients to help guide them, and get them to the department they needed.

The Challenge

Creating a simple and easy to use app can be hard enough before you factor in any language requirements. ezispeak partnered with Alfred Health to make the healthcare system a simpler one for migrant patients across a number of key languages.

Alfred Health

From The Users

The Outcome

Alfred Health were able to better direct migrant patients through this app, and the patients themselves had access to more information and assistance than ever before.

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For an in-depth insight into how ezispeak uses targeted solutions for a number of businesses, download our case study today. We provide a look into the challenges faced by a number of companies when it comes to language barriers and our solutions that have provided businesses with clarity, results and satisfied customers.

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Alfred Health

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