Case Study


Employment Services

As a well known and respected national employment provider, APM embarked on a transformation project which also incorporated a new approach to communicating with their migrant clients. ezispeak worked alongside APM to integrate language support within their new platforms which would optimise productivity and deliver language at the point of need.


- Their incumbent language service provider wasn’t delivering the value for money or efficiencies they required.

- APM needed a mechanism to schedule language support within their new company-wide platform, and was simple to use for APM employees.

- With APM offices across the country, they needed a solution that offered unmatched flexibility, responsiveness and transparency.


- With ezispeak’s more equitable and transparent billing model, we greatly reduced APM’s cost to serve their migrant clients.

- The APM and ezispeak team worked together to create a fully automated end-to-end workflow, which improved their existing processes and gave APM greater access to language support.

- ezispeak delivered a solution that gave APM employees the choice to use interpreters on-demand, or book ahead for a future date – capturing all the APM workflows using sophisticated APIs across web, voice and video channels.

The Challenge

When APM came to ezispeak, they were looking for a new approach to language services. They had a lack of clarity about their cost to serve and no flexibility with service design. They were accustomed to using a pre-booked interpreter solution, which was hampering their ability to serve their clients at the point of need. The impending creation and launch of their new company wide platform gave them the opportunity to implement a new solution which would assist them in scaling their services.


From The Users

The Outcome

ezispeak worked with APM to create a new interpreting solution, one that gave their employees complete control over how they wanted to engage language services, via both the delivery method, and whether it was pre-booked or on demand. This simple to use tool sat within their new intranet system, and allowed APM to engage an interpreter in a matter of seconds. This was then complemented by ezispeak’s reporting tools, powered by Power BI, giving APM complete visibility over their usage, costs and service levels – all critical KPIs for effective vendor management.

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For an in-depth insight into how ezispeak uses targeted solutions for a number of businesses, download our case study today. We provide a look into the challenges faced by a number of companies when it comes to language barriers and our solutions that have provided businesses with clarity, results and satisfied customers.

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