Case Study

Energy Markets

Energy Markets

ezispeak has extensive experience working with energy market retailers by optimising the delivery of language services. When we look at how clients procure phone interpreting services, we immediately go to service design. It's how we identify opportunities for improvement, which remove process and financial waste. More importantly, we're able to automate many processes which other suppliers in the market cannot. Furthermore, we're able to deploy services which align with our client's operational objectives which improves migrant customer experience and increases agent productivity.


- Poor user and customer experience

- High levels of call abandonment

- Low levels of service availability

- No service transparency and no service levels

- High levels of inefficiency leading to financial waste

- No quality control over service delivery


- 96% of calls connected to an interpreter in under 60 seconds

- An average interpreter connect time of 24.9 seconds

- 99.8% of all requests serviced by a NAATI Certified Interpreter

- Up to 40% reduction in costs associated with interpreting services consumption

The Challenge

There had been long-standing relationships with Government-owned language service providers that adopted a one size fits all approach. This led to significant waste in financial and operational processes. It also hindered these organisations’ go to market strategy in terms of limiting the scale of operations.

Energy Markets

From The Users

The Outcome

We inherently understand the importance of getting to the right skill at the right time. We pioneered Australia’s first fully automated interpreter self-service IVR. This solution was intentionally designed to allow calls from migrant customers to be routed to the right area within an organisation with an interpreter preconnected in under 30 seconds. This provided tremendous benefits to all stakeholders due to its efficacy, effectiveness and a high degree of process automation.

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For an in-depth insight into how ezispeak uses targeted solutions for a number of businesses, download our case study today. We provide a look into the challenges faced by a number of companies when it comes to language barriers and our solutions that have provided businesses with clarity, results and satisfied customers.

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Energy Markets

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