Case Study

Manningham Council


In order to properly communicate with all its residents, the inner city Victorian council of Manningham needed a language service provider who could quickly and accurately translate key documents into multiple languages.

Solutions used


- Highly diverse population

- Rapid action often needed

- Clear and concise translation needed


- Reliably delivered translated documents

- A better level of communication for all residents

- Higher participation and engagement levels

The Challenge

Manningham Council represents a highly diverse population, with almost 10% of its residents born in China, and over 18% of its residents of Chinese ancestry. Furthermore, it also boasts large Greek and Italian populations too. Perhaps the biggest demonstration of its cultural diversity is that over 47% of residents speak a language other than English at home.

Manningham Council

From The Users

The Outcome

With ezispeak, Manningham Council has a reliable and responsive language partner who can deliver translated documents as they are needed across multiple languages. This in turn gives the residents of Manningham better information and a clearer understanding of the services that Manningham has to offer, often resulting in higher participation levels for Manningham's initiatives.

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For an in-depth insight into how ezispeak uses targeted solutions for a number of businesses, download our case study today. We provide a look into the challenges faced by a number of companies when it comes to language barriers and our solutions that have provided businesses with clarity, results and satisfied customers.

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