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We provide quick, easy and uncomplicated transitions when onboarding new clients, and go the extra mile to tailor services to the individual needs of customers.

Our Process

Design your language services solution

The first step we take at ezispeak is to design a language service solution for you.

We begin by understanding your current service approach and tailoring a new solution based on your desires.

ezispeak comprehends your objectives and makes recommendations for the best plan moving forward.

Develop a knowledge base for our workforce

Part of ensuring you get the best possible service is educating our workforce about your company.

We create a comprehensive customer guide, giving our interpreters instant access to key facts about your company.

These include typical call flows, FAQs and industry terminology.

Create a customer engagement strategy

Ensuring that your customers know about the ability to speak with you in languages other than English is essential.

We work with your marketing team to create easy to understand and attention-grabbing messaging to educate your customers.

Simple messages conveyed across multiple languages that are relevant to your business.

KPI’s for continual improvement

Through our Microsoft Power BI portal, you get instant access to real-time data.

This is reinforced with monthly comprehensive reports, so you can see how we’re tracking against our established KPIs and SLAs.

Transparency of data and transparency of service is key for ezispeak.

Kickstart now with the Language Readiness Test

Speaking a different language shouldn't stop us communicating with each other. Take our language readiness test today, and see how ezispeak can help give you a voice.

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